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About the Campaign


The Talk Health History Campaign started as a family health history public service announcement (PSA campaign in the Washington, D.C. area, which was sponsored by the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) and Genetic Alliance, in partnership with WJLA-TV ABC 7.*


The Talk Health History Campaign aims to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Increase awareness about the importance of collecting, documenting, and sharing family health history information with health care providers and relatives.
  2. Provide families with access to quality tools and resources that will support understanding, collecting, and sharing this information with health care professionals.
  3. Provide health care providers with access to tools and resources that will facilitate effective interpretation and use of patient family health history information to inform important medical decisions.





TalkHealthHistory.org is the Web's most comprehensive source of quality family health history information, tools, and resources that will help families and health care providers get a better understanding of:


Why it’s important for families and patients to…


  1. Collect information about their family’s medical history;
  2. Know how to compile information in a family health history “tree” or pedigree; and
  3. Share this information with health care providers and other family members.


Why it’s important for health care providers to…


  1. Understand why it is necessary for health care providers to encourage patients to collect and share family health history information with doctors and other family members;
  2. Know how to interpret information included in a patient’s family health history "tree," chart, or pedigree; and
  3. Know how to apply family health history to clinical practice, to better predict disease risk(s) and make appropriate health care decisions and recommendations that will benefit patients.




Download PowerPoint slides containing more information about the campaign rationale, background and goals.


* Click here for more information about the Washington, D.C. area family health history PSA campaign pilot program.



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