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FAQ's & Basic Information


General Questions About Family Health History


What is a family health history?


Why is it important to know my family’s health history?
3. Am I automatically at risk for developing diseases that run in my family?
4. How do I determine my level of risk for developing genetic diseases – or other health problems – that run in my family?
5. Should I still collect my family health history even if no known diseases run in my family?

Collecting Your Family Health History Information

6. Why do I need to collect my family health history information?
7. Who should I collect this information from?
8. What kind of information should I collect?
9. What types of questions should I ask when collecting my family health history?
10. How can I obtain this kind of information about my relatives?
11. Can I gain access to medical records of my family members?
12. How can I get medical information about family members that are deceased?
13. I don't know my family health history because I was adopted, what can I do?
14. How can I record and organize my family health history information?

Sharing Family Health History Information

15. What steps do I need to take after I have collected my family health history, and who should I share this information with?
16. How often do I need to update my family health history?
17. Who should I talk to about my family health history information?
18. How can I find a genetic counselor in my local area?

Disease-Specific Resources

19. Where do I go for more information about a specific disease or health condition?
20. Where can I find more consumer-friendly information on genetics and health?





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