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As the U.S. health care system makes the transition to incorporating "personalized medicine" practices in patient care, healthcare providers are increasingly realizing that the family health history tree has become the most important genetic test of all. This information provides a quick and accurate estimation of a patient’s inherited disease risks. Perhaps just as importantly, family health history information can be easily collected and recorded by most patients at little to no cost to them – or to you.

Asking your patients about diseases that run in their family can provide health care professionals with important information that will help guide decisions about a patient’s care. This information will also allow you to provide your patients with targeted recommendations about health behaviors that they should undertake to reduce their disease risk.

This section of the Talk Health History Web site provides tips, tools and resources for health care practitioners that will help you talk to your patients, and collect and record their family health history information to help inform decisions about their medical care.

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