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FAQ's & Basic Information for Practitioners


Basic Information


What is a family health history?


Why is family health history information important and useful to both your practice and your patients?
3. How can knowledge of family history benefit my patients and improve patient care?
4. What basic knowledge and skills do healthcare providers need to have in order to effectively use family health history information in clinical practice?
5. How can I incorporate my patients’ family health history information in practice and use it to help inform decisions about their care?

Tools & Resources to Use in Health Care Practice

6. What tools and resources can I use in practice to help guide discussions with my patients about their family health history?
7. What kind of information should I advise my patients to collect and record about their family health history?
8. Are there any good resources that I can recommend for my patients if they would like to learn more about family health history?

Disease-Specific Resources

9. Where can I find information about specific genetic diseases or health conditions, as well as treatment options and screening procedures?

Referring Patients to Genetic Health Professionals

10. When should I refer my patients to a genetic health professional?
11. How do I locate a genetic counselor or clinician in my local area?

Professional Education Resources for Practitioners

12. Are there any professional education resources for healthcare providers who would like to learn more about the use of family health history information in clinical care settings?
13. Do any of these professional education/training programs offer CME credit?

Personalized Medicine & Genetic Testing

14. What does family health history have to do with personalized medicine?
15. Where can I go to get more information about genetic testing?





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